Business Strategies for Visual Artists

Client Raiser offers workshops providing practical business advice to visual artists. These hands-on sessions present simple strategies that can be put into practice immediately.

Do you represent an arts organization? We are happy to design workshops tailored to the specific needs of artists in your group or community. Contact us today.

Workshop Topics

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Networking for Artists:
Getting Down to Business 

Length: One hour
Maximum capacity: 30

Explore the importance of first impressions, methods for seeking information, and tactics for developing contacts. 

The SMART Artist:
A Strategic Planning Workshop

Length: Three hours
Maximum capacity: 30

Each participant’s specific goals, available resources, scheduling, and more are assessed and broken down into concrete action items.     

Top Ten Business Strategies for Artists:
Increase your Client Volume and the Visibility of your Work

Length: One hour
Maximum capacity: 30

Explore the most important strategies for sustaining and growing the business side of your visual arts practice, including branding tactics, the elements of effective marketing materials and sales strategies. 

Workshop & Talk Hosts