Since 2014, Client Raiser has helped 100+ artists in 12 states advance their careers. By offering one-to-one services that focus on the business side of their arts practice, we have assisted many of them in obtaining gallery representation, exhibitions, grants, and new sales opportunities. We have sold nearly 75 works of art to homeowners and businesses, and they increasingly are looking to Client Raiser for help finding art.

Bringing Business to Artists

Every art practice needs to cover business basics to be successful. Client Raiser’s Inventory Assessment process is designed to gain a deep understanding of artists and their work to evaluate the business elements they have in place, and those they need to develop in order to reach their goals. Results may include:

  • Obtaining new clients

  • Acquiring new commissions

  • Entry into exhibitions

  • Introduction to new grant opportunities

  • Sharper marketing materials

  • Stronger presence on social media

  • Enhancing organizational skills

  • Expansion of network

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Selecting Art for Homes & Businesses

Client Raiser simplifies the process of finding one-of-a-kind art for your space. Our network of over 100 artists provides access to their portfolios and studios to acquire any kind of fine art. We can help you start or add to your collection, simply decorate your residence or office, or celebrate a special occasion

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About Danielle Glosser, Founder and Principal


Danielle’s expertise in strategic planning, project management, research, writing and networking comes from years of working and building relationships in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors on social justice issues from inner-city schools in Oakland, California to The White House. These professional opportunities — coupled with her personal belief that the arts are central to igniting conversation and enhancing human understanding—moved her to help artists with the business elements of their practice and to share their work with the world.

Danielle is a proud member of ArtTable, a leadership organization for women in the visual arts. Her additional accomplishments include Pac-Man champion in middle school, being the school mascot in college, and working as a ski instructor for children before moving to Washington, D.C. over 25 years ago.

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